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Annual General Meeting 2017

Friday, 20 January 2017

On January 17th-19th PT. Shunda Sucai Indonesia and PT Shunda Plafon organized Annual General Meeting (AGM) with wide spread-out distributors in all privinces across Indonesia. This 3 days event took place in Santika Premier Hotel, Hayam Wuruk – Jakarta. This event was organized through the cooperation of all the management and employees both PT. Shunda Sucai Indonesia and PT Shunda Plafon.

This yearly event was filled with the usual agenda that is the annual meeting with all the Shunda distributors across Indonesia in order to evaluate things happened in last 2016 and planning progams in upcoming 2017, and strengthening a shared commitment to actualize the vision as the market leader in manufacture industry and material building distribution across Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

This year event had been very special coincided with the 10th years anniversary of PT. Shunda Sucai Indonesia and PT Shunda Plafon in providing interior product such as: environmentally PVC ceiling, wall panel, floor plank to fulfill our consumer’s demands in all across Indonesia. Anniversary was held to celebrate the incredible journey and as a step forward for Shunda, that PVC ceiling has been able to survive in penetrating conventional ceiling’s market, so that grow a sense of optimism for us to innovate in providing a wide range of innovate building material products ahead.

At this AGM, besides the well known products like Shunda Plafon, Shunda Panel and Shunda Flooring, PT. Shunda Sucai Indonesia once again established the latest innovative product namely SHUNDA WALLBOARD to entire distributor’s network across Indonesia, so that will increase the varieties and product’s option in order to answer and fulfill consumer’s demands for the high quality, light and durable, simple installation, environmentally friendly, water resistant, fire retardant, anti termite and decorative building material products.

The annual meeting of Shunda was held successfully, Shunda looks forward to growing better together in upcoming year and providing the best solutions for Indonesian community.

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