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Wednesday, 04 November 2015

Bandung, 21st – 25th October 2015, Shunda Plafon participated on INDOBUILDTECH exhibition at Bandung Convention Center. The purpose of engaged to this event is not only to provide visitors from Bandung and West Java who were seeking information about Shunda Plafon, but also to educate them more about the advantages of products.

The visitors on INDOBUILDTECH exhibition, beside investors, many architects’ students came along to visit our booth and they seemed very interested to Shunda Plafon’s products. In order to provide answer to their curiosity, we shared more information about the characteristics and advantages of Shunda Plafon, they are, waterproof, anti-termite, easy to maintain, various design and many more. Moreover, we also demonstrated Shunda Plafon PVC’s installation method that is very practical and simple, thus it is easy to understand by the visitors. Beside information, we also provided additional supports such as distributing Shunda Plafon’s product samples and brochures, which would be useful for them on selecting products for their projects

For contractors, developers, factories owner and individuals who have planned to build or renovate their house, we provide a consultation session to help them in finding solution to overcome the common home problems that often to occur such as, ceiling leaks, moldy, and many more. With Shunda Plafon, those stated problems above can be solved easily.

Since Shunda Plafon’s has provided sufficient information, solutions, and attractive designs, many visitors became more convinced about Shunda Plafon’s quality and decided to choose Shunda Plafon as the solution to their problems, as well as the choice of designs to their home and projects. Moreover, there were many suburban also attended the event; they came from various cities such as Depok, Subang, Karawang, Garut, Cirebon, and so on. They were that very interested in Shunda Plafon’s products and many of them without any hesitation immediately ordered the products during the exhibition.

In consideration of visitors’ enthusiasm and received good feedbacks, Shunda Plafon become more confident to step further and put the best effort to understand the customers’ needs, one of them is by participating in similar exhibitions or events

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