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Mega Build Expo 2014

Sunday, 20 April 2014

JAKARTA (April 17 – 20, 2014) – As usual, SHUNDA PLAFON participated in Mega Build Expo 2014 – Jakarta Convention Centre Senayan which was held by Reed Panorama. Since SHUNDA PLAFON has been developing significantly over time, this year SHUNDA PLAFON presented an exciting and unique design idea with a “Home Living Dream” concept. With this “Home Living Dream” concept SHUNDA PLAFON offers a new innovative solution to Architects, Interior Designers and visitors by introducing SHUNDA PLAFON new products : PVC ceiling and wall partition which is similar with wood panel, thus now people can decorate their house to more natural and elegant concept with affordable cost. SHUNDA PLAFON exhibition booth that were providing an interesting innovative design and solution, was crowded with visitors and obtained warm feedback from visitors who were very enthusiastic with SHUNDA PLAFON’s designs. In this event, SHUNDA PLAFON was also highlighted by media team from MetroTV (Bincang Pagi show – Lensa Bisnis, which was aired on Saturday, 26th of April 2014) and TVOne (Coffee Break show, which was aired on Thursday, 1st of May 2014) which indicates SHUNDA PLAFON has increased its popularity each year especially in Indonesia.

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