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Monday, 23 March 2015

Jakarta, 22th March 2015 - Mega Build Expo 2015 was held at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) on March 19th-22th 2015, featuring hundreds of national and international companies across countries. This event was aimed for architecture and interior design industry, which also has been held annually every year.

The exhibition was organized by Reed Panorama Exhibition and took " The Future of Architecture and Interior Design" as the theme; since the event provided an opportunity for visitors to gain experiences and information with businesses, professionals, developers, architects and interior designers, thus it was a great opportunity for businesses especially in building construction industry. Moreover, the objective of this event itself was also to improve the competitiveness and to expand the market’s scoop to South East Asia (ASEAN) especially in facing ASEAN Economic condition and global market in general.

One of the well known company which participated on this event was PT. Shunda Sucai Indonesia with its flagship product, Shunda Plafon. Shunda Plafon is a ceiling made from PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) materials, featured with many advantages, available in various themes and colors. The advantages of Shunda Plafon are waterproof, anti-termite, top quality and materials, easy maintenance, flame retardant, free maintenance cost, easy installation system, and so on. The various themes and colors of Shunda Plafon could inspire and allow visitors to obtain fresh ideas on designing their dream house, office, warehouse, or any other spacious rooms and building.

The four days exhibition that was successfully conducted proved by the large number of attendees and participants and has received many satisfaction feedbacks. Should you miss the update of our latest products or information, feel free to visit our showrooms near your location, our distribution network spreads throughout Indonesia. Looking forward to see you next year! 

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