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Shunda Plafon Installation

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Ceiling and wall panel of the Shunda PVC have many advantages compared to any other conventional ceilings; They are: water resistant, anti termites, fire retardant, free maintenance cost, light weight, easy installation with knock down method, and more importantly, Shunda available on various motifs and designs.

For ceiling installation, especially PVC type, you must carefully and make sure to use the right technique.

Here is the right way to install Shunda Ceiling:

  • Prepare the necessary tools to facilitate the installation of the Shunda ceiling. The required equipment are quite simple such as cutter, impact drill (drill) size 10 mm, drill bits for screw, angle grinder, steel square, meter gauged, and other common equipment.
  • Prepare the other material. In general, the required materials are ceiling frames (wood frames or hollow frames), Shunda ceiling, nails (if using wood frames), concrete nails, screws (if using hollow frames) and others.
  • Measure the room according to your needs and design.
  • Set a hollow frame or wood frame; adjust the size of the rooms. If the room is small, you should not use a suspended drop ceiling. However if the room is spacious and the height is more than 3 meters, then you are able to design a suspended drop ceiling.
  • Set the first list on one side of the wall. Use a grinder or chainsaw to cut the corner of the list to 45 °.
  • Install the list on the side of the wall, and then tighten it by screw the list to the hollow / wood frame.
  • Cut Shunda Plafon accordingly with a cutter / grinder / saw and don’t forget to use steel square to produce a 90 ° angle cut.
  • Screw on the groove of the ceiling where the ceiling groove intersects the frames.
  • Continue to install the remaining ceiling sheets in the same manner as previous.
  • The last step is the installation of the final ceiling; Measure the last remaining space, cut the ceiling into the size and put it between the ceiling and the list. Once installed, do a check and tidy up, use sealant if needed. Clean the entire ceiling area after the renovation of the room is finished.
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