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Company History

Shunda Sucai Indonesia currently has more than 200 employees who are experienced and skilled in their respective fields. Having a constant and knowledgable to ensure customers and partners that we can continue to work together and jointly create a better understanding needs of both side and increasing levels of customer service and response times acceleration. Besides all of our engineers have assured on their expertise in the field. To ensure the provision of quality products and services, it is a tradition for us to continue provide training for our employees.

Year of 2007: The Establishment of Shunda

Starting from our dream to serve the need for building material quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly, PT. Shunda Sucai Indonesia was established on an area of 600 m2 in Tangerang. Our marketing office Shunda Plafon is centered in the region of Jembatan Tiga, West Jakarta. Since then, we continue work to produce the best products, strengthen after-sales service, and expand our distribution network.

Year of 2008: Distributor Network Expansion

Increase of our demand proofing that trust from our customers to our top quality products. To answer these needs, only one year ago Shunda The ceiling has expanded its distribution network in several provinces in Indonesia in 2008, with Shunda Jakarta as the first agent.

Year of 2012: Expansion of Manufacturing Area

Thanks to the confidence of our consumers and our distributor partners, PT. Shunda Sucai Indonesia then expand into a factory area of 5000m2 with the addition machine of up to 10 line. This is proof of our commitment to providing the best not only in terms of quality but also quantity. This year we also have to have 25 agents spread throughout Indonesia are ready to supply our products to customers.

Year of 2013: Expansive Network

Shunda Plafon has expanded its network to as many as 28 agents, ready to serve our customers in various cities in Indonesia. This further growth pushed our spirit in strengthening the network of distributors without forgetting the quality of products and after-sale service.

Year of 2014: Construction of New Plant

It is our historic year for us, marked by the establishment of the new factory located in the town of Pekan Baru, Riau, and will be followed by the construction of Shunda Building in Jakarta. With all these achievements, we are increasingly challenged to step forward and be more competitive in the future in delivering products that are innovative, more solid distribution network and more perfect after-sales service.

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