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Monday, 08 June 2015

Jakarta, 7th June 2015 – PT. Shunda Sucai Indonesia optimistically participated again in Indobuildtech 2015 with their flagship product, Shunda Plafon. This year, the event was held on 3rd – 7th June 2015 and took “Biggest Get Bigger” as its theme. As the pioneer and the largest manufacturer of PVC ceiling and wall partition in Indonesia, Shunda Plafon believes to be able developing continuously with confident through this exhibition or any similar events. This Indobuildtech exhibition involved approximately 1000 top brands from building materials and machineries in construction industry companies from 19 different countries (Australia, Belgium, China, France, India, Germany, Italy, Japan, Iran, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia) consists of 257 domestic exhibitors and 286 international exhibitors. Since Indobuildtech is one of the biggest building material exhibitions in Indonesia, Shunda Plafon without hesitation participated in this exhibition to introduce and provide more information about their featured product.


Through this event, Shunda Plafon aims to acknowledge visitors that nowadays ceiling and wall interior designs could be vary as well as applied with creative and interesting concept. Different with last year where Shunda Plafon presented their new product with natural concept of wood, this year Shunda Plafon‘s booth were designed with modern and elegant concept, which emphasizing Shunda Plafon allows users to decorate their dream house without limitation, design in various concepts are now possible with Shunda Plafon, such as modern, elegance, minimalist, classic, natural and many more.


As usual, Shunda plafon also provided a special offer for visitors who were interested and made transaction during the event. In conclusion, this year event was a success as expected and Shunda Plafon‘s visited with crowd who were very interested in its products along with received a very well responds and also gained visitors’ trusts not only in its quality of product but also outstanding customer service. Therefore, Shunda Plafon has been proven as the leader brand for similar product and will continue develop and improve brand quality in every aspects in order to fulfill customer satisfaction.


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