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Monday, 30 May 2016

After succeeding the previous exhibition, Shunda participated again on Indonesia largest building materials exhibition, known as Indobuiltech which was held in ICE – BSD on 25 – 29 Mei 2016. Since the increasing of market demand for innovative, environmental friendly and efficient products, the bigger and the more products were presented in this exhibition. According to the stated demand, Shunda offers solution to the community by presenting its latest product, namely Shunda Panel, Shunda Flooring, and Shunda Vinyl.

In this year exhibition, Shunda took “ The Next Classical Trend” as the theme, stood firmly with its elegancy and the booth was fully decorated by Shunda’s products; Started from the ceiling with Shunda Plafon, wall panel with Shunda Panel, and floor with Shunda Flooring and Shunda Vinyl; As a result, Shunda has successfully flooded with crowds and many of the visitors gained inspiration to apply classy design and realize their dream house.

Besides the uniqueness of the booth, Shunda also held an event “ Shoot, Share and Spin it!” . This event was an appreciation from Shunda to its loyal customers for their trust on the products. Other than that, these souvenirs also distributed to visitors who recently visited and knew about Shunda.

This full five days of exhibition, did not make Shunda’s family exhausted, instead this has lifted their spirits to be more enthusiastically serving the clients. Therefore, Shunda have become more determined to keep innovating in order to fulfill customers’ demand.

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