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Shunda Panel Installation

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Compared to natural marble, Shunda Panel has advantages in material cost efficiency and the effective duration of installing. This is due to Shunda Panel material that are lighter, more flexible, and with a less dimension of thickness. Therefore it is easier to install Shunda Panel compare to natural stones.

The following tools required to install Shunda panel are:

  • Circle saw
  • Router
  • Grinders
  • Drilling machine
  • Trimmer

Moreover, there’s also required material such as adhesives (glue or instant cement), resin, concrete nails, sandpaper, wood nail, gypsum screws, and plywood sheets.

And do not forget common tools such as measuring tools, scissors, hammer, and protective goggles may also required.

Basically the Shunda Panel installation process only takes four simple steps. The first step is to prepare the wall area. For maximum installation results, the wall surface area must be flat and even, if the surface of the wall is not flat it should be repaired first. Or use an easier alternative way, which is by using plywood as a basis to provide correction on the surface of the uneven wall.

The second step, prepare circle saw and cutting table that are commonly used to cut plywood as cutting tool. Cut the Shunda Panel material to the size and design. For the detailed work, it may also requires other tools.

The third step, apply adhesive on the back side of Shunda Panel material and also on the wall surface or the base of the wall that Shunda Panel will be installed at. For finished or plastered walls, use glue or resin as the adhesive. For unfinished walls surface use instant cement as the adhesive.

The fourth step or the final step, attach the Shunda Panel material on the wall accordingly.

With four simple installation steps of Shunda Panel,  enable us to transform a room into a natural beauty look of luxurious and classy stones. Beide its beauty, it is also more cost effective in terms of its price and also installation time.

Now it is time to choose, innovative products such as Shunda Panel as an alternative to represent the feel of a natural beauty and elegance without damaging the environment and natural resources.

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